Top tips

NB. There'll soon be a Plan Your Trip section with info on what to do en-route, where to stay, where to eat, how to get here etc., in the meantime please contact with any questions you may have. Slainte.

1.  When's the best time to travel?

Fortunately the south west of Ireland sits in the gulf stream so benefits from temperate weather all year round, it would be really unusual if the temperature was to fall below freezing and rare that it falls be below 5c even at night, so you're unlikely to encounter icy conditions but it's also unusual if it rises above 25c so you're also unlikely to suffer from heatstroke :-) However, as everyone knows it can rain a bit in Ireland, or so the story goes. Truth be known, here in the south west, and particularly along the coast we're blessed with a bit of a microclimate and it doesn't rain half as much as you may be led to be believe. In the north west and north of Ireland it can chuck it down from time to time, but down here, especially between May and October there's a better than fair chance you'll experience more sunshine and blue skies than cloud and rain.

2.  I've a big motorhome will I be able to drive that around the route?
Yes, but with care. Please be aware some of the roads on the route are really not much more than single carriage way with the occasional passing place. Be prepared to reverse. Be able to reverse. Also, we have a lot of hedgerows which in the summer months grow at an alarming rate, they may make a screeching sound as they rub along the flanks of your RV but they will not harm it. Please note that along the Ring of Kerry, you should be travelling in an anti-clockwise direction, the same as the tour buses; DO NOT drive a motorhome in a clockwise direction around the Ring of Kerry.

3.  It's only 500 miles can I do it one or 2 days?
No. Slow down, enjoy life; the journey is part of it. You can either set yourself up in a central location and Kenmare is recommended, then drive out from there each day, or you can move from the south to north (recommended as you will always be on the sea side of the road and not have a lane of cars between you and the sea) or from north to south. You can do the SWI500 as part of the Wild Atlantic Way in it's entirety or as a stand-alone part with other parts done in future years. It is not recommended to 'do' the WAW in one trip, that's just crazy; you won't see anything and more importantly won't have time to take things in and just enjoy whatever it is your experiencing at that moment in time.