The Mizen

The Mizen peninsula, home to the Ireland's most southwesterly point, Ireland's most southerly pint (yes, pint, it's not a typo) and from where, in 1901, Guiglielmo Marconi transmitted the very first radio signal across the Atlantic leading to the wireless communications in all formats we take for granted today.

A gpx file for a suggested route is available via the blue link below and an interactive map is at the bottom of the page.

Places of interest


The gateway to the Mizen peninsula, the birthplace of West Cork's artistic movement in the 70s and home to great restaurants and characterful pubs.


Originally an historic fishing village but now the heart of the Irish Riviera, you'll find loads of bars, restaurants, unique shops and a beautiful harbour. 


Once the last staging post for transatlantic shipping it's now probably the best place to sit and admire the views on a sunny day and the home of Ireland's most southerly pint.

Mizen Head Signal Station

A WAW signature discovery point, this is where Marconi perfected his wireless transmissions across the Atlantic and well worth 60 mins of your time. 

Mt. Gabriel

Whilst you can't miss Mt. Gabriel with it's two enormous 'golf balls' few know about the track to the top and the spectacular 360 degree view across the islands and highlands of Cork & Kerry.


A stunningly, drop dead gorgeous beach that just makes you go 'WOW' every single time it comes into view, providing spectacular photo opportunities not to mention a cooling dip in the sea.